Guidelines For Parent's

Guidelines For Parent's

  • All Applications, complaints and suggestions should be made to the Principal.

  • Students should not remain absent from the school without permission If a student remains absent continuously for 15 days without permission her name will be struck off from the roll and Re-admission will be at the discretion of the Principal.

  • In case a parent wishes to withdraw the child from the school, one month's notice must be given in writing and fees for the one month must also be deposited.

  • Parents should notify the school of any change in their address or phone number immediately.

  • If a student is not able to adjust to the school environment, the parents will be advised to withdraw the child. If the parents do not withdraw and the child is still unable to adjust, the school authorities reserve the right to strike off her name from the rolls of the school.

  • Reports should be checked and signed by the parents or guardians regularly and returned to the class teacher within three days. This is important to keep you informed of your child's progress to avoid further complications at the time of promotion.

  • No information regarding any result will be given on telephone.

  • Where the student is found weak and is not showing progress parents will be requested by the concerned teacher to visit the school. In that case parents should cooperate and make sure to see the teacher in the interest of the child.

  • Scout/Guide Camps organized by the school or by the concerned organization are compulsory for the students. Exemption can be granted by the Principal only on medical grounds.

  • Birthday celebrations in school are not permitted. Astudent may distribute two sweets / confectioneries only to the students of her class. Civil dress is not permitted on that day. NO GIFTS/CARDS ARE TO BE DISTRIBUTED IN SCHOOL

  • In case the Hand Book is lost, a new copy may be obtained on payment of Rs. 40/- If Report Card is misplaced parents will have to pay Rs. 200/-

  • It is compulsory to bring the Hand Book at the time of Annual result, to confirm the full payment of the fees. Result will not be given if the Hand Book is not brought