Guidelines For Student's

Guidelines For Student's

  • Students should be regular and punctual in attending the school and bring their handbooks to school every day. Students will not be sent home before time, NO PERMISSION FOR 2HALFDAY leave will be granted. In case the student's presence is essential at home, on any account, she should not be sent to these School on that day.

  • Astudent suffering from contagious disease should not be sent to the school till she is completely free from infection.

  • The school does not bear any responsibility for a child getting hurt while playing during school hours. However, prompt medical attention will be provided for which the parents have to bear the expenses.

  • When children leave the classroom, the lights and fans must be switched off.

  • Students should always move in a queue quietly.

  • In the absence of a teacher, the class monitor is responsible for maintaining discipline in the classroom and she should report to the Principal about the teacher's absence.

  • Leave application should be addressed to the Principal and sent to the class teacher in advance. In case of inability to send the application in advance; the leave letter should be submitted on the first day of rejoining the school.

  • No student is permitted to bring personal equipment for games unless especially asked to do so by the games teacher Games will be played on the play ground under the personal supervision of the games teacher.

  • Students are required to carry themselves in a disciplined manner in the bus or any trip to and fro school.

  • Disorderly demeanor will be punishable.

  • No student should enter any other class room without permission

  • And no one is allowed to stay in the class room during games/lunch& Activities periods etc.

  • Inform the school authorities of your absence from class. This is necessary and important. Try not to be absent for more days than is absolutely essential .Prolonged absence causes break in your study and hampers your progress.

  • When students are on a school trip or excursion to any public place, they must conduct themselves in a decent and polite manner keeping in mind the civic rules of society.

  • During the library period students are expected to stay in the library reading books/periodicals under the supervision of the librarian.

  • Whenever students come to school, they should be in school uniform, even though they are with their parents.

  • Bullying is strictly prohibited in the school premise. Breach or Violation of any one of the above instructions will lead to strict disciplinary action .

  • SUSPENSION : In case of suspension given to a child for any indiscipline , the parents will be asked to meet the principal in personally .